Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series 4.5l V8 Diesel

4.5l V8 D4-D LC 70 series got the full treatment and we did not disappoint.

Title: Unleashing the Beast: Upgrading Your Land Cruiser 70 Series 4.5L V8 Diesel

If you’re a proud owner of a Land Cruiser 70 Series 4.5L V8 Diesel, you already know the incredible capabilities this rugged beast offers. But what if I told you that with a few strategic upgrades, you could take your Land Cruiser’s performance to a whole new level? Let’s dive into the advantages of combining an ECU remap, gearbox remap, Freeflow exhaust, bigger intercooler, oil catch can, EGR blanking, and an intake clean.

1. Stage 2 ECU Remap 

The heart of this upgrade lies in the ECU remap putting out a staggering 200kW and 760Nm. The remap optimizes the engine’s performance by fine-tuning the fuel-air mixture and ignition timing. But to fully harness this newfound power, a heavy-duty clutch and 5th gear conversion is just what the doctor ordered. Cruising at 120km/h at 2200rpm is just bliss for traveling long distances in this monster.

The Terrain Tamer Heavy Duty to handle the additional Torque, is still light on the calve muscles but is able to handle up to 720Nm of Torque and with a clamping force of 1040Kg makes this an essential upgrade to std 520Nm clutch in the Cruiser.

The result? Increased horsepower and torque, reducing turbo lag and delivering smooth, responsive acceleration. Whether you’re overtaking on the highway or crawling through challenging terrain, this combination ensures your Land Cruiser is always ready to tackle the task at hand. 

2. Freeflow Exhaust: Unleash the Roar

To truly maximize power gains, we turn our attention to the exhaust system. Installing a free-flow exhaust allows the engine to breathe more freely, reducing back pressure. This not only boosts horsepower and torque but also gives your Land Cruiser that aggressive engine note you’ve been craving.

But there’s more to it. The improved airflow also translates to enhanced fuel efficiency. With fewer exhaust restrictions, your engine can operate more efficiently, potentially saving you money during those long journeys.

3. Bigger Intercooler: Keeping It Cool

In the world of diesel engines, especially turbocharged ones like the V8 in the Land Cruiser, keeping intake air temperatures in check is crucial. That’s where a larger intercooler comes into play. It cools down the air entering the engine, making it denser and allowing for more efficient combustion.

With a bigger intercooler, your Land Cruiser maintains consistent performance even during demanding off-road adventures or when towing heavy loads. Say goodbye to power loss due to overheating – this upgrade ensures your Land Cruiser stays cool under pressure.

4. Oil Catch Can: Preserve Your Engine

The final piece of the puzzle is the oil catch can. While it may not seem as exciting as the other upgrades, it plays a vital role in maintaining your Land Cruiser’s performance over the long haul. The oil catch can prevent oil vapor and contaminants from accumulating in the intake system, specifically the intercooler and intake manifold.

By reducing oil buildup, you not only ensure cleaner, more efficient combustion but also extend the life of your engine. Carbon deposits and oil-related issues become a thing of the past, keeping your Land Cruiser running smoothly.


Oil Catch Cans

5. EGR Blanking: Clean Combustion

Blanking the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) system is another essential upgrade. It prevents exhaust gases from re-entering the intake manifold, ensuring a cleaner, more oxygen-rich air-fuel mixture. This cleaner combustion process further enhances performance and reduces the risk of carbon buildup in the intake system.

Unveiling the Benefits of Blanking the EGR Valve in Your Car

6. Intake Clean: Clearing the Path

Last but not least, an intake clean is the icing on the cake. It removes carbon deposits and other contaminants from the intake manifold and valves, allowing for even better airflow and combustion efficiency. This process helps maintain the power gains and keeps your Land Cruiser running smoothly for longer.

In conclusion, these modifications are more than just a collection of parts – they’re a symphony of enhancements working together to unleash the full potential of your Land Cruiser 70 Series 4.5L V8 Diesel. From the increased power and torque to the improved throttle response, better towing capabilities, and even potential fuel savings, this combination takes your Land Cruiser to new heights of performance and reliability. Blanketing the EGR and performing an intake clean further enhance the benefits, ensuring cleaner combustion and sustained power. But remember, it’s essential to have these upgrades performed by a professional to ensure they are precisely tailored to your vehicle’s needs and expertly tuned for optimal results. So, gear up and get ready to experience the true potential of your Land Cruiser!



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