Oil Catch Cans

A catch can sits in between your crankcase and intake system, and it is designed to separate the fluid and mist from the air that makes its way through and catch it in the bottom of the unit.

By design some oil and fuel escapes from the motor with the excess pressure that builds up in the crankcase while an engine is running. This excess pressure is vented through a breather or valve and recirculated back into the engine through the intake manifold. The purpose of the catch can is to separate the oil from the air before it re-enters the engine.

Without a catch can, your engine cakes up with oily carbon deposits and soon becomes badly restricted. . Left without being cleaned, you will suffer losses in power and poor fuel economy. There are a variety of ways of cleaning motors, which can be time consuming and expensive. Avoid the build up in the first place and you’ll be in a great position.

The second reason catch cans are very important is because oil reduces the efficiency of your intercooler when it covers the pipe work. The colder the air going into the motor the better it performs, and if your intercooler doesn’t function as it should you are missing out on its potential.


Some catch can’s have filters in them, and others use mesh, steel wool or a variety of combinations. If you simply use just a can with an inlet and an outlet, you have a setup that won’t work very well! The catch can will have a valve to drain the collected oil, this should be done at least every 10 000km.

Benefits of an oil separator

*Reduces oil in intake system

*Allows intercooler to work much much more efficiently = happier turbo and engine

*Eliminates carbon & oil build up in inlet manifold

*Keep inlet ports and valves clean

*Reduces engine wear

*Reduces exhaust smoke

*Maintains fuel economy

*Keeps air and map sensors clean

*Maintains engine performance

The kit includes oil separator catch can with oil dipstick, stainless steel mounting bracket, oil resistant hoses, hose clamps, screws, drain hose and tap.

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