Tuning Stages explained in a Nutshell

Our remapping have consistently proven its reliability and effectiveness, earning the trust of our customers who repeatedly choose our services. While we specialise in delivering impressive power and torque gains, we prioritize safety and sensible tuning practices. As a testament to our confidence in our work, we offer a lifetime warranty against any software malfunctions. Additionally, all original maps are securely stored on a dedicated server, enabling the vehicle to be easily reverted back to its original format whenever desired.

Before proceeding with any remapping, we conduct a comprehensive diagnostic health check to ensure that the vehicle is in optimal condition and free from any existing engine issues. We firmly believe that drivability and reliability are just as important as performance. When you entrust your vehicle to Custom Tuning, you can have peace of mind knowing that it is in capable and safe hands.

Economy Tuning: With the increasing fuel prices, our Economy Tuning option has gained popularity. By recalibrating the ECU data, we can enhance fuel efficiency. The resulting increase in torque allows for fewer gear changes and less accelerator pedal movement, leading to improved fuel consumption and overall drivability. Please note that Economy Tuning is specifically designed for Turbo Diesel vehicles.

Stage 1 Tuning: Stage 1 Remap is tailored for unmodified vehicles without any hardware upgrades. It boosts both power and torque while also improving fuel efficiency. This tuning option eliminates flat spots and provides a more responsive driving experience without compromising reliability.

Stage 2 Tuning: Stage 2 Remap offers a larger increase in power and torque compared to Stage 1, although the efficiency gains are not as dramatic. In most cases, hardware upgrades are necessary before applying Stage 2 Tuning. Similar to Stage 1, it eliminates flat spots and delivers improved responsiveness without compromising reliability.

Stage 3 and Beyond: For Stage 3 and higher levels of tuning, up-rated hardware becomes a requirement. The hardware additions necessitate a fully customized remap with road logging and extensive testing.

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