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Are your performance solutions safe for my vehicle?

Absolutely! Our performance solutions are carefully designed not to exceed the manufacturers’ safety limits, ensuring optimal performance while maintaining the integrity of your vehicle.

What types of services do you offer for vehicle performance?

We offer custom performance and economy tuning, advanced vehicle diagnostics, vehicle software calibration, and emission control solutions to enhance your vehicle’s performance safely.

What kind of performance hardware upgrades do you provide?

We offer a wide range of hardware upgrades, including hybrid turbos, upsized intercoolers, downpipes, full exhaust systems, decat (catalytic converter removal), EGR blanking, and DPF (diesel particulate filter) removal for improved performance.

What are software deletes, and why would I need them?

Software deletes involve removing specific vehicle features, such as catalytic converters (CAT), diesel particulate filters (DPF), exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), Bluetec, or AdBlue, to optimize performance and efficiency based on your needs.

Are software deletes legal?

While some regions have regulations regarding emissions-related components, we comply with all applicable laws, and our software deletes are performed responsibly.

What can I expect from your advanced diagnostic services?

Our advanced diagnostic tests cover major components of your vehicle, including the engine, brakes, transmission, exhaust system, fuel injection system, coolant, air flow, and various sensors. This comprehensive analysis helps us identify and address any potential issues with your vehicle’s performance.

How often should I consider getting an advanced diagnostic test for my vehicle?

We recommend scheduling an advanced diagnostic test at least once a year or whenever you notice any unusual performance or warning signs. This preventive measure can help catch potential problems early on and maintain your vehicle’s optimal performance.

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